Friendship Lasts Forever Concert

LATEST NEWS  – This Fall, we are returning to Symphony Center in Chicago, on September 22 for our 4th Annual Friendship Lasts Forever Concert.

Consisting of over 500 performers from the Midwest, “Friendship Lasts Forever” is a wondrous spectacle of music, dance and more, showcasing Chinese and American cultures. It is a two- hour gala concert at Chicago Symphony Center, at 3pm on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

The cast, from China and the US, consists of leading artists, a full concert band, multiple choirs, and dancers in traditional Chinese attire. A variety of classical opera and musical pieces are performed by first class tenors, sopranos, and baritones.

This concert signifies what it means to be unified, not only in the enjoyment of performing arts but also in cultural sharing. It demonstrates the greatness we can create in cooperation across cultures.