Jiangsu Performing Arts Group

Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Corp. Ltd. (JSPAG) is one of the largest comprehensive performing arts groups of China. It has won the title of “China’s top 30 cultural enterprises” four times, been named “National key enterprise for Cultural Export” six times, and received the honorary title of “National outstanding cultural enterprise in institutional reformation” for many times. JSPAG currently has 11 subordinate performing troupes and schools covering 12 different art forms. It owns a stage technology center, a performing arts college, three theaters, six wholly-owned companies, four holding companies, and five partnership companies. It is walking in the forefront of China’s performance industry in terms of conceptual, institutional, and managerial innovation, as well as in nurturing more performing stars and improving productivity and profitability,


JSPAG currently has 18 laureates of national Plum Blossom Award, which is the highest award for Chinese operatic performers; 22 winners of the national Wenhua Award for outstanding individual performers; 3 winners of the national Peony Lifetime Achievement Award for vernacular singers; 28 artists receive special state subsidy for their special contributions to the respective art genres. By incorporating new operational mode and innovative concept of artistic production, JSPAG has created and accumulated numerous exquisite and successful works on the stage, and obtained hundreds national and international awards. Peking opera “Camel Shoko”, Kun Opera “Peony Pavilion”, a large-scale folk song and dance production “What a Beautiful Jasmine!”, Yang opera “Wang Zhaojun”, Xi Opera “Pearl Tower”, Pingtan “Charms of Tang and Song Dynasties: The Unforgettable Jiangnan” are all among the best productions in the national rating.


The drama “Maple Grove” , which was created and produced after the institutional and managerial reformation, won the fourteenth national “Grand Wenhua Award”; The Journey of Love Choir won the silver medal in Golden Bell Chorus Contest of the seventh Chinese National Music Festival; The Jasmine Traditional Chinese instrumental Ensemble won the gold medal in the ninth Golden Bell traditional Chinese instrumental music competition; In order to meet the needs of different audiences, Kunqu Opera “1699. Peach Blossom Fan” was created in 10 different versions with different styles, and won the award for China’s ” Five Ones” project as well as the Wenhua Award for Excellent Script; The Modern Beijing Opera production “The Graceful Red Gauze” won the “Five Ones Project” award, the gold medal of the modern drama contest of the fifth Chinese Opera Festival, and the “Wenhua Excellent Script Award”; The opera Forbidden City Story” co-created by JSPAG and Dutch National Opera Theater was a key cultural export item of China; Kun opera production “1699 · Peach Blossom Fan”, and the Audio-visual production “Jasmine” won the national outstanding cultural export projects; the opera production “The River of Destiny ” won seven awards in six categories of the second Opera Festival of China. In recent years, JSPAG has continued its momentum in creating and producing new performances by promoting cross-regional, cross-sectoral cooperation, and created the Kun opera “Nan Ke Dream”, the musical “Fairview Pavilion, “Peking Opera” Soul of Mirror Sea “, Xi opera” Dream of Brown Pottery “, drama” February Orchid “, all of which have achieved favorable social and economic effects.


JSPAG has also organized in recent years various large-scale performances such as the spectacle “The Exuberate Jiangsu” for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the performances for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Second Asian Youth Games in 2013, and the large-scale concert for the 70th anniversary the victory of World War II, etc. which were all widely recognized and praised.